My Mistake About Keyword Research When Writing Article

This article will explain to you how to make content easy to find in search engines and keyword research before you start writing an article. Of course if you want your article or your content easily searchable in search engines, then you have to learn how to make Seo friendly content. This article will explain in detail How to step by step create seo friendly article.

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Before going any further I would like to explain to you the importance of making content. Why do we have to create content on a regular basis? And why do we have to update our website

Firstly create content many purposes. Content can be used for marketing material, where you are selling a product and then create a content such as article explaining or reviewing the product. Then after that, people started downloading the product and get into your article. Then they decide to buy your products or do you want.

It is called content marketing. Currently content marketing is the best selling techniques. Especially when coupled with great copywriting, then you can get a lot of sales

Then, as a blogger, updating content or creating content is an activity carried out daily. Blogger task is to create content. Better you create good content, organized and easy to find on search engines rather than making crudely content. The dream of all bloggers are getting high traffic after that they can get money from his blog

And there are many more examples of cases where we have to update the content. Content that is required by the Internet, because Internet users searching for content indeed. And the content can be anything such as articles, videos, sound, etc.

But in this case the content is the article, because I will show you step by step How to make articles favored by search engine. There are SEO elements in the article.

My mistake about keyword research

Once upon a time, I suppose that the keyword research is only required when building sites. When the initial building sites, that is where we need research keyboard. Research this keyboard will determine the main keywords from a website.

But I did not research keywords for each content that I wrote. So, I just repeat the main keywords within each article I wrote.

Then a few days ago I read an article where the blogger blogger famous around the world, they still do keyword research for every article they write. The bottom line of each article should contain keywords that have been researched.

This is my fault, I never do keyword research before Writing articles. There was even a blogger when he wanted to write an article, he searched for the right keywords as the main inspiration. When he lacked inspiration, he searched for a keyword that appears on their inspiration. The sense is reversed, once an article resulting from inspiration, but now the inspiration gained from keywords.

I do not want to make mistakes longer. For that I make this article so that I can recall, how to create articles that contain keywords. I’ll take an example of searching for the right keywords.

Before starting, it takes a keyboard tool, I am use A web-based software that displays the keywords that are often searched on Google with ease. I’m sure you’ve heard about this tool.

Study case :

I will make an article about home decor. I do not know in this world Internet users find information about home decor through keywords like. So I would look for keywords like below


You can see the keywords home decoration have several derivatives As above. So when people will look for information about home decor, they are using those keywords.

So when we Writing articles, we shall refer to these keywords. In the article there should be keywords to be easily searchable. Why should there be these keywords? Because the keywords that already have traffic, then we can create articles about home decor with these keywords in order to get into the industry.

Perhaps these tips are already known to many people, but I only knew a few days ago. This paper, I addressed to myself and if helpful to others I would have liked it.


Keyword research is important and it is our main capital Before Writing articles. Never Write an article without going through the stage of keyword research. That is the conclusion I draw from this paper. Although you do not have enough knowledge to research the word, but you need to research keywords before Writing articles if not then your website is not getting visitors

AFF 2016 Indonesia Beating Vietnam 2-1

Exactly as I had expected yesterday Indonesia beat Vietnam 2-1. I am not surprised with the outcome of this match from the beginning because Indonesia is already showing a graph improvement of the game and strength. Since beating Singapore 2-1 yesterday, I believe Indonesia can pass through Vietnam. In fact Indonesia beat Vietnam and showed the game quite well

Goals obtained by Vietnam actually not a goal, but a penalty from the referee. And that’s because Vietnam seems to be cheating or getting the goodness of the referee. Actually, Indonesia does not need to get a penalty because it is clear the players are not violated Vietnam but do diving.

In addition, there is a clear violation of Vietnamese players Indonesian players by tackling hard. Tackling is supposed to be punished with a red card because it was done with both feet. If this comparison in a direct right in Europe, I believe that Vietnamese players will get a red card.

The most interesting of yesterday’s match was a rescue net by goalkeeper Indonesia, Kurnia Meiga. This player deserves to be voted Man of the match Due to rescue crucial in the final minutes of the second half. If no rescue is possible the result will be different

Then there is another player who’s pretty good I is the player with the number 8, Stefano Lilipaly. The midfielder is doing its job very well and is able to control the rhythm of the Indonesian national team games.

I can not wait to see the match against Vietnam at home Indonesia Vietnam next week. We have a good memory there, while Indonesia beat Vietnam on their home turf by a score of 3-0. When the bomber Indonesia is Ilham Jaya Kusuma, and managed to embarrass the host with a score that is final.

And this is yesterday’s match with a score of 2-1


Polygon Siskiu D8 Frameset is Perfect for Blogger

Activities blogger must also be interspersed with exercise to keep your body healthy, the body remains fresh and brain get enough air supply. Sports make the mind becomes more relaxed and inspiration will come.

Blogger as I love the sport of cycling. It is a sport that since childhood I liked because I like adventure and physical activity. Since childhood I really love traveling to distant places or to a place you’ve never visited. And the bike is one of the most convenient means of transport to reach it. Additionally bikes also do not require fuel so that I can save money while exercising.

Along the path in the woods is a favorite of mine, in which no one was in the woods, just my own. I’m easier to enjoy the woods in that way. For that I chose a mountain bike

A few days ago I bought a mountain bike that I think fit with my cycling activities. There are many kinds of mountain bikes, like a bicycle downhill, all mountain bike freeride bikes, bike XC (cross country), and the latter is the wrong choice which XC bike.

This bike is more flexible it can be used in any field of street, offroad or onroad track. But XC bike should not be used to skip the downhill track because it would endanger the user. XC bike is also lighter than downhill bike that can be used to track up or down the mountain.

I wanted a bike should also have a rear suspension that is more comfortable when I have passed through the rocky tracks. For that I chose polygon siskiu D8. I just bought the frameset because I prefer to assemble the bike to my liking. The price is also much cheaper than buying fullbike.

Polygon Siskiu D8

Polygon siskiu D8 is a product of Indonesia that has been certified international bicycle so the quality is guaranteed and you do not need to worry about power. This is the appearance of the frame Polygon siskiu D8

What I like is siskiu D8 are already using the rear shock from rockshock namely RockShox Monarch RT. Rear shock is quite nice, soft and strong. Previously I have been using the rear shock and I am satisfied with the quality and price. The price is cheap but has a pretty good quality. Not disappointed buy

Polygon Frame siskiu D8 also feature on the rear axle so that the bike is much more stable than the bike that does not have the axle. What I suk laguai this bike is stable when passing through the rocky roads and uneven

Here are some sightings Polygon siskiu D8

polygon siskiu d8


siskiu d8

geometry of polygon siskui d8

While the specification of my bike is like following

For me this bike is a dream bike because it was ideal for my needs. I can use it for uphill or downhill comfortably. I also do not really like, perhaps not too bold for cycling Downhill because the risk is high enough. I do not want injuries simply because cycling. So Polygon siskiu D8 are ideal bike for me

Because everyone has their own style of bike, not everyone likes the bike downhill and not everyone likes XC bike. It all depends on the needs or the pleasure of cycling itself

Here are some videos of Polygon siskiu D8. If you intend to buy it, I’ll support you. Because this bike is fun

Here some resource about polygon siskiu D8

  1. Polygon siskiu D8 official page
  2. Review polygon siskiu D8 by vitalmtb
  3. Test ride polygon siskiu D8

The conclusion is that cycling fun, especially if you love the sport of cycling. I think everyone should have a favorite sport to keep the body fit and healthy. Whatever it is, the important thing you love the sport and do the rest of your life.


AFF 2016 Indonesia vs Singapore 2-1

It’s been a long time I wanted to write down my thoughts or opinions about the Indonesia match against Singapore in AFF 2016 event yesterday.

Who have not read about the match Indonesia vs Philippines yesterday, please see here. I have to guess that Indonesia will surpass the Philippines, and it’s true. Indonesia eventually qualify for the semifinals and will fight against Vietnam on Saturday tomorrow.

Philippine position when superior to Indonesia, because it only needs a draw in order to qualify for the semifinals, while Indonesia must win in order to qualify for the semifinals.

Indonesia is quite heavy opponents, namely Singapore, while the Philippines with material international players from all countries in the world against Thailand. But because the Philippines does not have a native player so there is no sense of nationalism, so they are difficult to get a draw. Only a draw they can not, because they have no nationalism. They just get paid to play football, not carry a sense of pride in the country.

While Indonesia Indonesia contains the original, and play for his country. So when Indonesia Trailing 1-0 against Singapore, they had no choice but to win. One way or another have to beat Singapore in order to qualify for the semifinals. And finally with a burning passion, regardless of tiredness and fatigue, players can team beat Singapore 2-1.

Meanwhile, the Philippines eventually losing 1-0 against Thailand. Shame, I think they do not find a way how to win a football match correctly. By recruiting foreign players, is not the proper way. Philippines did not win even though they could win the game.

Here’s a video Singapore vs Indonesia